New album “THANK YOU” will be released on Wednesday, May 15, 2019!

The original new album “THANK YOU" has been scheduled to be released on May 15, 2019 (Wed).

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After a year and a half of work Jin Akanishi, has scheduled the release of the long-awaited original new album “THANK YOU” on Wednesday, May 15, 2019 !!

As this year is the 5th anniversary since the launch of his own label “GoGood Records” in 2014, Jin wanted to show thanks to the fans who have been supporting him by naming his album “THANK YOU”

Comment from Jin Akanishi:
“I've packed everything from genre-less, fun songs to heavy songs. I think overall it is an adult album. I hope you enjoy listening to it. “

The album “THANK YOU”  includes 13 tracks, the lead song on the album is also titled “THANK YOU”. Jin is listed as a writer, composer, and producer for all the songs on the album.
Limited edition A includes the 2 versions of the music video for “THANK YOU" and a making video. The limited edition B set contains the video of the previous release event. 
The regular album includes the bonus track "Can't Let You Go".

■Product information
Akanishi Jin
New Album 「THANK YOU」
2019.5.15 Release

【Limited Edition A (CD + DVD)】
Price:¥ 3,800 + tax
Product number:GOODO-027
・「THANK YOU」Music Video
・「THANK YOU」Music Video (Other Ver.)
・「THANK YOU」Music Video Making Video

【Limited Edition B (CD + DVD)】
Price:¥ 3,800 + tax 
Product Number:GOGOOD-028
・À la carte Premium Release Event at Toyosu Pit

【Standard Edition (CD)】
Price:¥ 3,000 + tax 
Product number:GOODO-029
・Bonus Track included

The Jacket design for Limited Edition A & B as well as the Standard Edition is all different. 

<Track List>
01. Release The Fire
02. Turn Up
04. Take Me Higher
05. In The Sky
06. Señorita
07. Candy Flava Girl
08. On My Mind
09. Perfect
10. Ride & Flow
11. Be Alright
12. Runnin’
13. Love Yourself
14. Can’t Let You Go (Bonus Track) ※Only included on the Standard Edition

Individuals that buy all 3 versions of the album will be eligible for a chance to win tickets to the 「Akanishi Jin “THANK YOU” Premium Release Event」
This event will take place in Tokyo, and the date and time of this event are to be determined at a later date. Winners of the raffle will be notified.