Jin’s first best album 「OUR BEST」Release date set for April 22!

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Jin Akanishi's solo activity, and the release of his first best album, titled “OUR BEST”, has been decided.

The album contains 32 songs with two different concepts, “YOUR BEST” and “MY BEST”. “YOUR BEST” is a music selection from fan club members, and “MY BEST” contains songs that Jin has selected. In addition to the songs released from his own label “Go Good Records”, which began in 2014, He has also re-recorded songs from before he went independent.

Comment from Mr. Akanishi:
“We compiled the results from the music questionnaire that fans submitted, and selected the songs for the “YOUR BEST” component, doing our best to include the most requested songs. The ten years have gone by incredibly fast, and I want to thank all of my fans for their continued support.”

Limited Edition A contains 12 music videos, including new music videos for the songs “Thoughts” and “Baby”.
Limited Edition B includes a 150-minute video documentary that traces the history of Jin Akanishi's independence for five years, as well as a collection of MCs from various concert tours that have never been released before. The regular edition includes a limited bonus track called “But I Miss You” and a new song titled “Alone”.

2020.4.22 Release

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・ Wonder
・ Care
・ ムラサキ
・ Eternal
・ Oowah
・ Aphrodisiac
・ Hey What’s Up?
・ Key To Your Heart
・ アイナルホウエ
・ Love Song
・ Good Time
・ Lucky
・ Let Me Talk To U
・ Baby
・ Lionheart
・ Christmas Morning (2015 Mix Ver.)
・ We'll Be Alright
・ Summer Kinda Love
・ Pinocchio
・ But I Miss YouBonus track(Only Standard Edition)

・ Sun Burns Down
・ Summer Loving
・ New Life
・ Slow
・ Mi Amor
・ Baby Girl
・ Baila
・ We The Party
・ Dayum
・ We The Fire
・ Fill Me Up
・ Yesterday
・ Blessèd
・ All About You
・ Shine
・ Opaque(Rearranged)
・ In The Sky
・ Love Yourself
・ Alone ※Bonus track(Only Standard Edition)
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■Limited Edition A [2CD+Blu-ray]
Price:¥4,800 + tax 
Product number:GOGOOD-032

■Limited Edition A [2CD+DVD]
Price:¥4,300 + tax 
Product number:GOGOOD-033

・「Good Time」Music Video
・「Mi Amor」 Music Video
・「Let Me Talk To U」Music Video
・「Choo Choo SHITAIN」Music Video
・「Summer Kinda Love」Music Video
・「Fill Me Up」Music Video
・「Yesterday 」Music Video
・「Feelin’」Music Video
・「THANK YOU 」Music Video
・「OohLaLa」Music Video
・「Thoughts」Music Video
・「Baby」Music Video
・「 Thoughts 」&「 Baby 」MV Making

■Limited Edition B [2CD+Blu-ray]
Price:¥4,800 + tax 
Product number:GOGOOD-034

■Limited Edition B  [2CD+DVD]
Price:¥4,300 + tax 
Product number:GOGOOD-035

・「JIN AKANISHI 5th Anniversary Our Years Film」
・ 別に大して面白くないけどコンサートのMC集

■Standard Edition [2CD]
Price:¥3,000 + tax 
Product number:GOGOOD-036

<Bonus track>
・ 「But I Miss You」

*Contents and specifications are subject to change.
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