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2019 Tour, 5/6 Niigata Performance, 5/8/9 Aichi Performance Goods Advance Sale Time Notice


""JIN AKANISHI 5th Anniversary Our Years Film (JIN AKANISHI “THANK YOU” TOUR 2019 alternative performance)"" The pre-sale time of goods at the following venues and information on venue limited goods. 

■May 6th (Mon/holiday) [Niigata]  Niigata Prefectural Civic Center

Redemption time 13:50 ~

■Wednesday, May 8 [Aichi] <span style=""white-space: pre;""> </span> Forest Hall, Nippon Special Ceramics Citizen's Hall<br />
Pre-sale time 16:00~17:30 (planned) / Opening / After performance
Redemption time 15:50 ~

■Thursday, May 9 [Aichi] Forest Hall, Japan Special Ceramics Civic Center
Pre-sale time 16:00~17:30 (planned) / Opening / After performance
Redemption time 15:50 ~

*Each time is subject to change on the day.
*The redemption will be given to customers who are waiting in line for the purchase of goods. 
*Only the tickets on the day of the performance can be redeemed. Exchange of other performances is not possible. 

The goods lineup is here

*During the opening, it is expected that the goods department will be crowded after the performance. Please use the pre-sale time. 
*You can also pay by card at the venue. Please check the venue for details.
*There is a limited number of items in stock. Please note that this item will be sold out. 
*Please be sure to check the product, size, quantity, change, etc. you purchased on the spot. We do not accept returns or exchanges other than initial defects.

*For gift tickets, please read the precautions carefully before using. For details, see here

*A stamp stand is installed for those who bring ""UIJ PASSPORT"". (Order sales have ended.)

We will inform you separately about the start time of the pre-sale of goods at other venues. Please check the news on this site from time to time.

Please be aware that we will not be able to respond to any inquiries regarding information other than the information that is currently available. 
Also, please refrain from making inquiries directly to the venue.