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JIN AKANISHI Christmas Live 2022 Live Merchandise Announcement! & Goods pre-sale time announcement and notes



We are pleased to announce the release of the live merchandise for JIN AKANISHI Christmas Live 2022, as well as the merchandise pre-sale times and notes!



<Pre-sale time of goods>

Please be sure to read the notes at the bottom of the page before coming to the venue.


Pre-sale 12:00- (tentative) / at the door / after the show

*This may be slightly earlier depending on the lineup of customers.



<Notes about on-site merchandising>

・Please take advantage of the advance sales time. Please take advantage of the advance sales time.

・Please make sure that only the person who will make the purchase lines up in the standby line. No one is allowed to join his/her companion in the line. If you are found to be waiting for your friends or acquaintances to join you in the line, the staff may ask you to rejoin the line.

・Credit card and electronic money (transportation system) payments are accepted at the venue.

・Please confirm details at the venue. The stock of each item is limited. Please understand in case of purchase restrictions or stock-outs.

・Please be sure to check the items/size/quantity, change, etc. you purchased on the spot. Please be sure to check the size, quantity, change, etc. of your purchased items on the spot.

・For your safety and to reduce congestion on the day of the event, please refrain from waiting near the venue late at night or early in the morning.

・Please be sure to purchase merchandise through authorized sales channels (i.e., at the venue or official stores). (This refers to purchases at the venue or at the official store.) Selling merchandise to an unspecified number of people via the Internet or social networking services, even if not for profit, is considered "resale," and is strictly prohibited.

・The pre-sale of goods at the venue is open to non-ticket holders and non-members of "JIP's".

・We will take measures against infectious diseases to ensure that sales will be carried out.

・We ask for your understanding and cooperation.

・Sales staff will be wearing masks. Please wear masks when lining up and purchasing items, and refrain from talking to prevent splashing.

・Please refrain from talking to prevent splashing.


In addition to the above precautions, please pay attention to the venue's posted signs and the directions given by the venue staff on the day of the event.

To prevent accidents and confusion, please follow the instructions of the staff without fail.