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JIN AKANISHI FAN CLUB TOUR 2023 "YELLOW NOTE" additional registration is now available!


JIN AKANISHI FAN CLUB TOUR 2023 "YELLOW NOTE" will be held at ZeppDiverCity(TOKYO) on September 19 and 20, and we will accept a small number of additional tickets due to the release of equipment space in the auditorium. The tickets will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Performances for which tickets will be accepted


Organizer: JIP's

Ticket sales

JIP's Member Reception ■Receipt

Ticket sales period: September 16th (Sat) 14:00 -

Lawson Ticket exclusive ticket sales page ■ Please click below.

Please proceed from the following link.


Ticket application will be available from JIP's members-only news.

New members of the official fan club "JIP's" can apply for tickets here.

*Please note that those who have joined "JIP's" before the registration period can also apply for tickets.

Please be sure to read the contents of this page, the precautions against infectious diseases, and the Lawson Ticket dedicated reception page before applying.

*The Fan Club Office will not be able to answer any inquiries regarding the application or the performance. Please make sure to contact the contact information listed on this page.

Ticket Information

Ticket prices

1st floor standing: 8,800 yen (tax included)

2nd Floor Reserved: 9,900 yen (tax included)

A separate drink fee will be required at the door.

Ticket Payment Method

Credit card payment

If you are selected, the payment will be completed automatically.

Please make sure to enter your credit card information correctly.


Please make sure that both the representative and accompanying persons understand and agree to the precautions and instructions on the official website before applying for tickets and attending the event.

No preschool children are allowed.

Non-JIP's members may accompany you.

Limit 2 tickets per member.

Ticketing method: Lawson Ticket electronic only

JIP's membership application

■Application Eligibility

Applicants must meet the following conditions. 1.

1. those who are "JIP's members" as of 14:00, 2023/09/16 (Sat)

Those who have enrolled by 14:00, 2023/09/16(Wed.) if you are going to enroll from now on (payment must be completed by 14:00, 2023/09/16(Wed.))

2. those who can be identified by bringing a valid identification document as specified by the organizer.

About registration

You need to register as a LAWSON WEB member (free of charge) to apply.

*Please note that your application may be invalid or unsuccessful if the information registered with the fan club does not match the information registered with the LAWSON WEB membership.

The fan club, concert organizers, ticket sales, and ticketing agencies will not be held responsible for any problems with applications or identification due to errors in entry of membership information or omissions of information changes by members themselves.

For inquiries regarding the concert, please contact



For inquiries regarding tickets and ticket sales, please contact

Lawson Ticket Information


Infectious Disease Precautions

Please apply for tickets and attend the event after understanding and agreeing to the following precautions and instructions for both the representative and accompanying persons. We ask for the understanding and cooperation of all our guests.         

We will take measures to prevent infectious diseases so that everyone attending the performance can enjoy it safely.

Tickets will not be refunded unless the performance is postponed or cancelled.

Regulations and rules for viewing the performance may change depending on conditions up to the day of the performance. In such cases, this guide and precautions may be changed without prior notice. Please check the official website before coming to the venue.

The first floor of the venue will be all standing. Admission will be in the order of numbers.

The government's "Basic Policy on Countermeasures against New Coronavirus Infections" will be abolished on May 8, 2023, and so will the "Guidelines for Prevention of New Coronavirus Infections at Music Concerts".

In light of the above, the wearing of masks is at the discretion of individual patrons. There are no restrictions on cheering during the performance.

Please follow the instructions of the staff at the venue.

No re-entry will be allowed after the performance.

Please refrain from waiting for performers to enter or exit the venue.

Please do not wait for performers to enter or exit the venue. Please be sure to bring a valid form of identification. If you cannot be identified, you will not be allowed to enter the venue.

In such cases, tickets will not be refunded.

Please be sure to bring your digital membership card, as you may be asked to present it.

List of Valid Identification Documents

Valid for one item only

All documents must be original with photo (no photocopies or expired documents)

1] Passport

2】Driver's license (*Limited to Class 1 and 2 driver's licenses)

3】Basic Resident Registration Card

Special Permanent Resident Certificate or Residence Card

5】Physical disability certificate, mental disability certificate, or rehabilitation certificate

6] Credit card with photo

7. My number card (*notification card is not acceptable)

8】student identification card with photo

2 items required

All items must be originals only (no photos, photocopies, or expiration dates)

Health insurance card

Copy of residence certificate

My number card without photo (*notification card)

Please be sure to purchase your ticket through an authorized sales channel.

The official sales route refers to purchases at play guides that have been commissioned by the promoter of "JIP's Premium Member Sales" and "JIP's Member Sales".

Selling tickets purchased through services or applications other than the above on the Internet (auction sites, ticket distribution centers, Ticket Street, Mercari, etc.), ticket stores, ticket scalpers, SNS, etc.) to an unspecified number of people, even if not for profit, is all considered "resale". (Ticket stores, ticket scalpers, mercari, etc.).

All tickets that are found to be resold, regardless of whether they were purchased or not, and regardless of their value, will become invalid.

Please note that we will not be able to provide any information other than what is publicly available at this time, even if you contact us for further information.